Top 8 Must Haves

The little things that come in handy but you don’t think you’ll need. They’ve made my life so much easier:

1.  Nappy Disposal System

It might seem like a senseless luxuary but for me, this little white bin was (and still is) a Godsend. It meant that I didn’t need to gaff around with nappy bags, poo falling out of the bag or finding somewhere to put the bag whilst my toddler decides to crawl away!  We got the Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal System. I keep it next to my nappy changing mat at all times and have even given it a name: Eva (from Wall-E).

2. A Sleepyhead 

In the first few days of his life, my baby would only sleep whilst being held. Any attempt to put him in his swanky new crib resulted in cries! So a desperate sleep deprived mama, whilst using the Amazon app (a very dangerous app as anything is only a click away!), I ordered the Sleepyhead. It worked a charm for us and squished my baby just enough to make him feel like he was being held. I’m sure there are other similar products available but I’m a huge Sleepyhead fan. 

3. Back Seat Baby Mirror 

No, this isn’t to encourage vanity in your delicious new born… it’s for your own sanity when driving with a shrieking, crying newborn! He would always cry when in his car seat for the first couple of months. This was an invaluable purchase as it meant I could keep an eye on my baby when driving on my own and ensure that he was ok (i.e. his hat hadn’t slid down, he hadn’t brought up milk, he wasn’t chocking or that any other weird catastrophe hadn’t happened).  We went for the Royal Rascals Baby Car Mirror.  It’s got a yellow rim so easy to spot whilst driving, the mirror is clear and huge and it’s super steady on bumpy roads. 

4. The Perfect Prep Machine

Another indulgent purchase which isn’t necessary at all but having one makes my life so much easier! I know there’s been a a few articles around social media recently about some machines developing mould but thankfully, this hasn’t been an issue for me. I religiously stick to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions and change the cartridge every 2 months. I also used bottled/boiled water (some will disagree with this but it’s a a decision my husband and I made and we’re happy with this – we’ve gone with a low sodium and sulphates brand).  It makes preparing bottle feeds a breeze! We got ours from Amazon

5. A Wrap Sling

I was a bit sceptical about these at first as they seem so flimsy! I bought 2 other structured carriers in the hope that baby wearing would smooth my clingy baby. However they were just too large for my frame. I then took the plunge and bought the Hana Baby Wrap made from bamboo, organic cotton and elastane.  What makes this wrap awesome is that it comes in 2 sizes – regular and short. So for a petite person like me, the short option was perfect as it meant I didn’t have excess fabric to flap around with! My Bubsy loved it too. I’d take it on shopping trips and anytime he became grizzly in the pushchair, I’d whip out the wrap and put him in. Success!

6. A Lullaby Machine

So I was against these gadgets initially and didn’t get one. I wanted my baby to be able to nod off into dreamland off his own accord! Ha! Turns out my baby didn’t like sleep. So when his aunt gave him a lullaby machine for his first birthday, I thought what the heck, anythings with a shot! Lo and behold, 8 months on and it’s a little miracle machine. We put the lullaby machine on and my baby immediately recognises it’s sleepy time! Wish I’d got it ages ago. There are so many about and we’ve got the Disney Baby Mickey Mouse Projector

7. Ear Defenders

These mini headphone lookalikes were priceless in guarding my baby’s delicate ears. We had a few parties and weddings to attend shortly after my baby was born. Placing these over his ears meant that he wasn’t upset by loud music and could also nap peacefully. I also found them really useful on flights. Sticking them on whilst he napped up in the clouds meant that any loud announcements were dulled down and he didn’t wake up. We bought the Banz Mini Earmuffs.

8. Stroller Fan

This was so useful in the summer to cool my baby down. The soft blades meant that he could play with it (which he loved to do) and his fingers were safe. A summer staple for sure. We got the Dreambaby Clip-on Stroller Fan

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