World Breastfeeding Week

14 lovely months 🤱🏻

My journey was an interesting one and it was far from plain sailing. It took a while for my milk to come in which meant my baby ended up being hospitalised because of dehydration. He was on bottle feeds for a couple of weeks whilst I expressed and did everything imaginable to increase my supply (oats for breakfast, special herbal tea and goodness knows what else)! I had lots of support and guidance from various women throughout so that really boosted me.

Even after my milk supply was established, there were still tough times – like in the middle of the night, I was so shattered and just wanted to sleep but needed to be upright and feed! Oh and the baby had reflux so he had to be kept upright for 30 mins after the feed 🤦🏻‍♀️!

It did eventually become easier or maybe I just got used to it all. Either way, it was a very special journey and created a beautiful bond between my beautiful boy and I. One that only he and I share and that makes it all the worthwhile.

However anyone chooses to feed their baby, I firmly believe that fed is best. Be that breast, expressed or formula.